The social consciousness and global demand for clean energy is already increasing. Valona provides turnkey solutions in the field of Wind & Solar Technology. Achieving cost efficiency by leveraging its cutting-edge research, the firm provides implementation expertise, financial syndication and technical consultancy to clients and governments.

We bring together innovations in products, tools, solutions and technology that combined with their applications, come together to enhance the needs of today’s power demanding world. Whether it is in the form of wind energy or solar energy. Our specialized team of consultants can be provide every need related to fulfilling the power needs of today can be addressed in greener way. We work very closely with our clients and have detailed discussions about their concerns and needs. After an understanding the exact requirements, we suggest and provide the best solution, in some cases multiple solutions to the clients need.

Yes we can help you in Design, Build, Operate for :


  • Solar Cells
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Manufacturing of Solar Cells / Panels
  • Solar Powered Products
  • Wind Farms
  • Power Solutions
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • LED Technology