DIY Solutions

Combining the Solar Technologies with the LED technologies, Valona Group has been introducing some Solutions for the humanity at large. One of such solution is the DIY solar Lighting kit for the poor, especially for those who cannot even get light energy for cooking after sunset or for students to study after sunset.

It is an easy to implement, complete DIY Solar lighting Solution that solely uses Green Power to Light Four LED Light Bulbs. It is a Long Term Solution as the solar panel has a life of more than10 years and LED lights save you from the constant fusing of regular bulbs as their life is more than 10 times that of a regular bulb. In short it is equivalent to Free Lighting.

This Solar Lighting DIY Package is based on Solar PV Panel absorbing the sunlight and providing Electric supply to the bulb lighting. The Solar PV Panel will absorb the sunlight and charge the external battery through the solar controller.

The extension socket needs to be connected at one end to the Solar Controller/Battery and at the other end to the LED Light bulbs. The battery will then supply electric power to the bulb, and you will be able enjoy Green Power Lighting

We have 15/25/40 Watt Solutions and can be customized as per the requirement and application.

The one illustrated is 15 W Package which can be used for areas without utility power supply, areas with unstable utility power supply, outdoor lighting, homes, hawkers, small shops, camps etc.


  • It is a complete DIY solution enabling easy installation and immediate usage
  • DIY Lighting solution is suitable for areas that are without utility power supply and also for areas with unstable utility power supply
  • For Outdoor lighting use
  • A very environmental friendly solution as uses Solar Cell Power to charge the battery and uses the battery to supply power to the lighting.
  • Solar Lighting DIY Solution has a Long Life as the
  • Solar Panel and Controller has a life of more than 10 years
  • Socket and bulbs can be used for approximately 5 years (50,000hours of usage)
  • Battery can be used for 2-3 years
  • The solution uses advanced LED Lighting Technology with
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low heat Dispersion
  • Long life, high Luminous and safe to use Bulbs
  • E.g. LED Bulb Lighting uses 2Watt which is equal to regular 40Watt bulbs
  • This Lighting Solution is designed so that the battery is able to provide up to 18 hours of continuous electric supply to the LED lights. It can serve in vigorous conditions even when there is no sunlight for up to 3 days (without any charging).
  • Only need 3-4 hours of Sunlight daily to fully charge the battery, which enables 6-8 hours of lighting use per day.
  • There is no hidden costs involved whatsoever, no installation fee, electricity fee, fuel fee or maintenance fee.
  • Due to new and advanced technology this Datamini Solar Lighting DIY Solution is available at affordable prices and overall costs are much lower than using conventional lighting systems.