The Changing Face of Care Delivery

In the face of continuous steep increase in healthcare cost and legislative directives, Health Insurance Payers are facing challenges to accommodate affordable, accessible and quality care. The current healthcare delivery system being reactive, episodic and fragmented has several limitations -

  • Not based on a foundation of partnerships between Patient, Provider and Payer
  • Does not support personalized care goals and outcomes that are important to a patient
  • Cannot reduce the need for expensive medical services and hospitalizations

Transforming the current care delivery system requires advancing to a proactive model of providing best care and effective management of chronic diseases, post acute care, complex health and social care needs.

Increased communication between patients, providers and payers, stronger record keeping, and more efficient, patient-centered care can
reduce medical errors while making the existing healthcare system more reliable and accessible.

Drive Better Healthcare Outcome

Valona’s Next Generation Care Management solution enables a seamless transformation to a proactive and sustainable healthcare management model.
Rooted in a patient-centered view, this solution integrates efficient management across the patient’s disease life-cycle through a collaborative and knowledge-based approach that includes all stakeholders in the entire healthcare continuum.
Based on five core principles, Valona’s Care Management solution ensures the right care at the right time, in the right place and at the right price.

The Valona Advantage

Valona’s unique Next Generation Care Management solution provides tangible benefi¬ts by increasing positive outcomes, control costs, minimizes errors and omissions, ensuring improvements in quality of care and patient safety.

  • Rich technology capabilities and niche solution development experience in the Healthcare industry
  • Integrated service offerings with advanced IP solutions – state of the art Remote Health Monitoring, e-scheduler, Health Risk assessment, etc.
  • Cloud-based services – On-Demand SaaS CRM solutions based on for infrastructure rationalization and Cost optimizations
  • Long-term business partner for your care management initiatives