The World Certification Institute is a global organization that was formed at the start of the new millennium and was first registered in the United States in 2003. Today, with its Secretariat operating in the United States, its professional activities are coordinated through Regional Centers and Authorized Centers in Europe, Oceania, Asia, America and Africa.

The world body serves as a Leading Global Authority to recognize cross-national skills, competencies and professional practices that are indicative of occupational capability and derived from internationally accepted best practices.

The world Institute provides a structured assessment system to assess and certify globally accepted experiential work practices, skills, competencies and professional management. The assessment process entails examining, validating and authenticating the experiential skills and knowledge that are consistent with the competency conformity standards and assessment specifications. These standards and specifications are deliberated by select committees of experts and validated by the World Certification Board.

An essential criterion for individual membership is that an applicant must have been awarded a professional credential from World Certification Institute.

We are Partners of World Certification Institute for APAC, India & MENA Region.